Contraction of “video weblog””: A website or social media account where a person or organisation regularly posts short videos. See also: Blog.”

Open Source

Refers to software that is made freely available for potential modification and redistribution by anybody, with collaborative development encouraged. The Word “source”” refers to the source code (the basic building blocks of the software). The Word “”open”” is used in the sense of being not “”closed”” or blocked. Such software is often available free of…


A popular abbreviation of “Microsoft””.”


Contraction of “web log””. A website containing someone’s or a group’s own experiences


A desktop publishing Application, part of Microsoft’s Office and 365 software suites.

Virtual Learning Environment

(VLE): A live online teaching and learning environment (e.g. videoconferencing) where learners and facilitators can present learning materials, interact with each other and work in groups together.

Version control

When documents and other Digital Media undergo a lot of revision and redrafting by several different users, it is important that you have a system in place to identify which is the most current version. This can be done simply by using file names (e.g. version x or the date), or specialised software can be…

Remote learning

A variety of formats and methods which mostly take placeonline that includes discussion boards, videoconferencing,online assessments. It can be via a Virtual Classroom or self-paced activities.