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Kate is a Learning and Engagement Consultant working within education, heritage, arts and cultural sectors. Her recent work has involved the strategic development of STEAM learning and engagement programmes at Bletchley Park, working with Tom to diversify content, expand audiences and increase income. Her freelance work has included developing museum, heritage and arts content, wellbeing projects with older communities, collection access for special needs and co-delivering a responsive evaluation on the use of contemporary art collections. Kate has an interest in ethics, investigating learning methodologies and practices in museum and gallery environments and professional development. She studied a Bachelor of Education Degree, History of Art, followed by a MA in Museums Studies and has worked in public sector, education, university and independent charity cultural organisations.

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Blogstronomy is my astronomy blog where I post answers to questions about space. Got a question that’s out of this world? Ask it here!

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The Actual Maths

“Real life maths” is a thing that’s often used to try to engage people with the subject, but it’s often pretty obviously contrived. I’m slowly collecting links to some real real-life maths out there in the wild. Know of something worth adding? Let me know!

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