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The Future of Money: Maths Resources for Schools

The Bank of England opened a new exhibition all about The Future of Money on 29th February 2024, but from its very inception they recognised that wherever there’s money, there’s maths.

They comissioned me to produce five packs of resources to help people to explore some of the maths behind themes covered in the exhibition.

These resources are aimed primarily at secondary school students working at Key Stage 3 and may be used in a variety of ways:

  • Teachers could use them to help inspire their students with some of the real-world links between various mathematical topics that they study at school and the past, present and future of money.
  • Parents and their children could browse the resource packs together and delve more deeply into the role maths has played and will continue to play in the history and future of money.

The Future of Money resource packs contain different types of activity:

  • Short question sets linked to different curriculum topics that can be printed or displayed on a smartboard.
  • Discussion prompts.
  • Ideas for investigations to find out what other people think about potential developments in the future of money.

The resources can be accessed here: https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/museum/whats-on/the-future-of-money/the-future-of-money-maths-resources-for-schools

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