Four images generated by AI from the prompt "mathematician"In the first image a grumpy-looking old white man hunches over an open book with a pencil in his hand, and a blurry background with what looks like mathematical symbols on it. The second shows three young men in casual clothing standing behind a yellow board with some mathematical symbols and what looks like a football drawn in it. The third shows a smiling, long-haired young man in a cardigan sitting at a table writing in a notebook with a blackboard containing mathematical symbols in the background. The fourth image shows a dark-skinned young woman with pigtails holding an orange folder under her arm and a piece of yellow card with a diagram on it in her hand. She has raised a finger on her other hand and looks like she is asking a question.

What does DALL·E ‘think’ mathematics and a mathematician looks like?

I guest-posted on the Aperiodical (“a meeting-place for people who already know they like maths and would like to know more”) about what an AI image generator seems to think about mathematics and mathematicians. Click the following link to read my article:

What does DALL·E ‘think’ mathematics and a mathematician looks like?

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