Workshops for Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships

Whilst employed by Bletchley Park Trust I devised, developed and delivered activities for the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships programme. These were delivered on a number of occasions, both on-site at Bletchley Park and at other venues. Each year, scholars are encouraged to write Blog posts for the MTTS website and some have chosen to write about their experiences in my sessions:

Tom even had the idea to encrypt the learning outcomes of the talk, something so ingeniously geeky that anyone who didn’t laugh at that slide really should’ve been shown the door.

Evan Jones, Maths Scholar (read his full post here)

It seemed obvious once Tom had explained it…

Francis Edwards, Maths Scholar (read his full post here)

… a captivating lecture given by Tom Briggs on Lorentz machines.

Maxwell Robertson, Maths Scholar (read his full post here)

Tom then proceeded to lead his workshop on Cryptography, whilst introducing some shocking numbers to enable us to put into perspective, the ways in which this one machine is able to perform so many functions.

Devaki Amin, Maths Scholar (read their full post here)

The highlight of the day followed – a presentation by Thomas Briggs

Stephanie Webb, Maths Scholar (read their full post here)

Finally, Daniel Summers details how he took inspiration from one of my MTTS workshops, bringing the topic to students at his placement school:

Early on in the scholarships programme, we attended a CPD event hosted by the scholarships team in Birmingham. One of the highlights of the day was making an enigma machine out of a pringles tube.

Daniel Summers, Maths Scholar (read his full post here)

It’s important to note that as these sessions took place as part of my employment with Bletchley Park Trust I had access to a real, working Enigma machine. This is not the case in my freelancing work (unfortunately) but my knowledge of this and other aspects of codemaking and breaking remains!

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