Cover image for the session titled "Unreinventing the Wheel"

Unreinventing the Wheel

I delivered a five minute session entitled “Unreinventing the Wheel” to other members of Northampton University’s Digital Technologies in Education Special Interest Group.

Its subtitle was a tongue-in-cheek “almost every museum has had digital resources for years so why did they struggle so much when the pandemic hit?” The session highlighted some examples of existing Digital Media such as photographs, podcasts, document scans and even external resources such as Google Street View being adapted as learning resources. It also expressed frustration that so many heritage organisations are still not using the majority of their existing digital resources effectively.

This could be developed into a training course that doesn’t just wax lyrical about what isn’t being done, what could be done and a few things that have been done, but provides ideas to organisations regarding how to get started on actually doing it.

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