A collection of fossils arranged on top of a wooden box.

Fossils Loans Box

Leicester Museums & Galleries have just acquired a new set of object handling boxes that can be borrowed by schools (and others, I assume). These were researched and produced by Kate Travers, Catherine Holden and I: click on the link above to see what’s available altogether.

I developed the Fossils box, aimed at Key Stage 2 students (though I think it could have broader appeal): it includes a mixture of original and replica fossils with interpretation cards for each one, and a set of activity suggestions to help students make the most of the opportunities to explore planet Earth before humanity existed. There’s also a set of mixed gemstones, rocks, minerals and fossils, and a fossil hunters’ toolkit to explore as well.

I made a point of exploring a heritage science angle, following on from mine and Catherine’s recent project: I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t include an opportunity for students to do some heritage science (and, of course, some maths!)

More information about the Fossils Loans Box, including how to borrow it, is available here: https://www.leicestermuseums.org/learning-engagement/learn-with-leicester-museums/object-handling-boxes/fossils-loans-box/

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