A child pouring murky water through a sieve.

The Big Water Workshop

Working with Kate Travers and Catherine Holden I contributed to the development of The Big Water Workshop for Leicester Museums & Galleries. The workshop has broad cross-curricular links but focuses on science, maths, history and PSHE, and helps students in Key Stage 2 to develop their understanding of how better technology was used to improve water provision in Victorian Leicester, reducing pollution and improving health, and the Abbey Pumping Station’s place in that story.

The workshop takes place at the Abbey Pumping Station itself, which is situated just outside Leicester’s city centre and next door to the National Space Centre. The workshop includes hands-on activities that allow students to better understand how the sewerage systems that they take for granted work behind the scenes, and how they fit into the water cycle, and also a tour that takes them amongst the enormous beam engines.

More information, including how to book a visit for your students and an outline of the session with suggestions for activities to be done before and after a visit, can be found on LMG’s Big Water Workshop page: https://www.leicestermuseums.org/learning-engagement/learn-with-leicester-museums/curriculum-enrichment-activities/the-big-water-workshop/

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